Who We Are

The National Alliance for Radiation Readiness (NARR) is a coalition of public health, healthcare, and emergency management organizations. These organizations represent practitioners in the field of radiation readiness including state and local public health practitioners; elected officials at the state and local level; and first responder and first receiver groups. Representatives of federal agencies participate as liaison members.

NARR serves as the collective “voice of health” in radiological preparedness through:

Participation in national dialogues on radiological emergency issues

Provision of feedback on documents, policies, and guidelines

Convening of partners to raise awareness of and resolve radiological emergency issues

What We Do

NARR seeks to address the problems of limited visibility for radiation preparedness, confusion about roles and responsibilities in a radiological incident among partners, and the need for robust tools for practitioners in the field.

To address these problems, NARR builds radiological emergency preparedness, response and recovery capacity and capabilities by promoting the:
  • Development of mechanisms for sharing resources and tools, including technical methods and information
  • Identification of promising practices
  • Definition of and education on the roles and responsibilities of different levels of government and different governmental agencies in preparing for and responding to radiological emergencies
  • Advancement of national performance measures and guidelines
  • Building and sustainment of long-term competencies
  • Building relationships to facilitate coordination between our member organizations