Concepts for Volunteers of the Connecticut Radiation Professional Volunteer Program (CT-RPVP)

  • Item type: State and Local Response Plans , Webinars and Training
  • Date Posted: 08 August 2016
  • Source: Connecticut Department of Public Health

The State of Connecticut Radiation Professional Volunteer Program (CT-RPVP) brings together a group of radiation professional volunteers from across Connecticut that is specially trained to assist local communities and the state conduct population monitoring in response to a large-scale radiological incident.

This online course is intended to provide volunteers of the CT-RPVP with a description of the Program and its purpose, an understanding of radiation professional volunteers’ roles during a deployment, and awareness-level knowledge of radiation and its biological effects, radiation safety, radiological and nuclear threats to communities, external decontamination, risks to radiation professional volunteers when monitoring potentially contaminated individuals, and roles of government agencies during a radiological or nuclear response.

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