After Action Report of the 4th National Top Officials Exercise Operations of Health/Environmental Unified Command, Medical Care Point, and Rapid Screening Point

  • Item type: Exercise Documentation
  • Date Posted: 04 April 2012
  • Source: Multnomah County Health Department

The 4th National Top Officials Exercise (TOPOFF 4), supported locally by Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement, used a radiological dispersal device “dirty bomb” scenario to exercise communications, mass care, onsite incident management, triage and pre-hospital treatment, and emergency public warning and information in 2 states and 1 territory.¬† Multnomah County, Oregon, participated in TOPOFF4 by setting up a unified command to conduct tactical health and environmental operations, setting up a medical care point to relieve pressure from a local emergency room, and by setting up a rapid screening point for mass screening for possible¬†radiation exposure.¬† This After Action Report details exercise activities, o

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