The US Department of Health and Human Services’ Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) team announced two major updates:

A new version of Mobile REMM (Version 2.1.1) was released in the App Store and Google Play Store in August 2017. Updates include:

  1. Easier input of date,time and lymphocyte count in “Dose Estimator” and “Scarce Resources” Tools.
  2. Results of Dose Estimator and Scarce Resources Triage Tool easily captured on single screen.
  3. Zooming in and out enabled, especially helpful on algorithm pages.
  4. Landscape view now enabled for easier reading, especially helpful on algorithm pages.
  5. Design improvements for clearer fonts and better colors.
  6. Updated Emergency Contacts information for government resources.
  7. Updated links to REMM web site.
  8. Clearer presentation of medical disclaimers.

Now available on the REMM website are the updated Template/Prototype for Adult Hospital Orders During a Radiation Incident and new Template/Prototype for Pediatric Hospital Orders during a Radiation Incident.