At Renton (Seattle Area), WA

28th National Radiological Emergency Preparedness (NREP) Conference, Inc.

"The Mission of the National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference is to provide a professional forum for individuals involved with the Radiological Emergency Preparedness programs to gather in the spirit of continuous self improvement to share program experiences, develop solutions to common challenges, and create innovative planning, exercising and training methodologies.”

This year's program offers training workshops and a number of sessions on public information, messaging, response, and the national implementation of revised or new requirements from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Regulatory Commission. These topics aim to benefit federal, state and local government organizations, as well as nuclear power industry emergency preparedness representatives. 

The registration fee for general attendees is $500.00 until midnight on April 6, 2018. Registrations submitted after this date will cost $550.00. 

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